Dec 26

Add an Online Income Stream to Your Business

As I teach small businesses how to use social media and the internet to market their business, I am seeing many considering offering online products as an additional income stream for their offline business. This is a great strategy that lends itself well to many types of businesses.

My own business is teaching entrepreneurs how to use social media to market their business. I offer training services and social media services through my business. But I have also added online books and training as an additional source of income. This has allowed me to increase the number of people I can teach. And I'm not limited to working with people only in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I am located.

You to can add an arm of your business that is sold and marketed online to anyone who has an internet connection. Here are two types of products to consider.

Offering Online Physical Products

If you are a retail store, you may have had customers ask you if they could order products online. Why not choose a few popular products and offer them on your website? You have the customers already. Why not make it easy for them to reorder?

Offer Online Informational Products

If you are a business coach, you might consider offering products that supplement the work your clients are doing with you offline. Why not create ebooks or instructional programs that can be purchased and accessed right from your website?

If these are ideas you've been thinking about, then you're going to want to check out a program being offered by Angela Wills, from Marketers Mojo, at Website Sales Mojo. This program begins very soon. I've purchased some of Angela's products in the past and found her teaching style to be very easy and personal. With Angela, you don't have a lot of hype. She knows her stuff, and her teaching style is perfect for beginners to the field of online products. I only promote products from people I've worked with and trust.  Angela has been making a full-time living from the internet for years now, and is ready to teach you everything she knows.

If you're using social media to market your business, then you know the power of the internet.  Have you ever thought about using that power to add an income stream to your business?

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