Jan 02

Social Marketing Traffic report for December 2010

Social media marketing is about growing your community online. Every month I give you the rundown of how my own marketing is doing. Are you measuring your marketing efforts in the same way?

Website Traffic 3574 up from 3410

Email list 1923 up from 1508

LinkedIn 475 up from 425

Facebook friends 223 up from 214

Twitter 2719 up from 2556

Tweets 1566

Linking Domains 74

I'm very pleased that all of my numbers are up. This month I continued to use the same social marketing strategy as previous months. They are all the same strategies that I teach in My Social Marketing Class.

The one point I want to stress this month is that you should be measuring your online marketing this way as well. This is how I know my efforts are working, because all of my numbers are rising each month. If I see a particular area that is not rising, then I know I've got some work to do in that area.

The other way I know my efforts are working is by looking at my income. These numbers don't show it, but I made more sales this month of my own products and affiliate products.

How are your numbers looking? Have you measured?

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