Jan 03

Social Marketing – Extend Your Platform

One of the biggest goals of building your social media marketing plan is to build your platform. By this I mean, building those places on the internet that will be an extension of your home base.

Home Base - Website/Blog

Your website and blog are your home base. They are the place where you sell your products or services on the internet. They are your online storefront. People come here, you talk to them, and they decide to buy from you.

Extensions of Home Base

Your Extensions are those places where you go and create a second home, another place where people can find you. This is where social media comes in. Each social media network you join is another place for you to meet new people and connect with friends and clients. Each network is an extension of you, from your website extending out to the people on the networks.

Once you've built the platforms for extending, here are some elements to strive for:

1.)Build relationships. When you're spending time on your social networks, think about ways in which you can build relationships. This can be furthering relationships you've already established or forming new ones as you meet new people. For intance, when I have a new friend on Facebook, I look for them frequently to see what they are talking about. As often as possible I try to join a conversation they have started, by adding a comment.

2.) Connect your media. Once you have a blog up and running, you'll want to be sure to set up Networked Blogs on Facebook so that you can immediately send new blog posts to Facebook. This allows new friends on Facebook to see your post, and click over to your website to find out more about you.

3.) Go outside your target. Don't be afraid to talk to people you don't know. I recently added a friend to Facebook of someone I have never met in person. But they area friend of one of my friends. I saw a comment she left on his status update. It was interesting so I checked out his profile. He had a lot of similar interests to me so I invited him as a friend. If you talk to the same people all the time, and don't move outside of your own box, it will be much more difficult to expand your community.

4.) Show your personality. This is something I've figured out about my platforms. Have a personality. Bring a presence. Be a persona. Ellen does it. Oprah did it. Bill Clinton, Bono, Bill Gates, and plenty more people are world figures because they allow their personality to be part of their message. Don't be afraid to talk about your interests, the stories that illustrate your point in a blog post.

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