Jan 18

First Annual Social Media Stats Report

Last year I began tracking my social media stats and publishing them each month on this website. You will find all of those reports here on the blog. I want to share my progress with you so you can gage for yourself how much progress you can make if you use the same strategies I use.

I wanted to share with you my progress from December 2009 to December 2010. I knew I had made progress, but I was surprised at just how much progress I had made in growing my online community.

Here's how they stacked up:

Website Visitors This Month

December 2009 947

December 2010 3574

Increase: 277%

Facebook Friends

December 2009 68

December 2010 223

Increase: 227%

Twitter Followers

December 2009 715

December 2010 2719

Increase: 280%

LinkedIn Connections

December 2009 109

December 2010 475

Increase: 335%

Email List Subscribers

December 2009 82

December 2010 1923

Increase: 2,245%

I am astounded at these percentages of increase! This is exactly the type of stats you should be keeping for your own social media marketing. Clearly my time spent this year on social media has been time well spent. And again, I only spend a few minutes a day using my Social Marketing Machine system to grow my social media audience so that I can pump up my profits.

In marketing terms, what this means is that when I have a promotion to offer to my audiences, I have the ability to reach 8,914 people immediately with my message, and in places that they monitor frequently. This kicks the pants out of other types of media advertising I might use to market my business, such as newspaper ads, because these 8,914 people are people who have taken an interest in my work, and raised their hand to be a part of my community. These are targeted leads that I can speak to any time I like.

And because I want to keep all of you, I come to you frequently with really good useful information that you can act on today to grow your business. I truly appreciate the time you spend with me and look forward to spending more time with you this year. I promise to continue to bring you the best cutting edge strategies for social media marketing so you can grow your business and pump up your profits.

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