Feb 08

Social Marketing Stats: January 2011

Every month I share with you my social media stats. You should be measuring your own social marketing efforts this same way. This is how I know if my efforts are working, are building my audience.

Website Traffic 4070 up from 3574
Email list 2497 up from 1923
LinkedIn 529 up from 475
Facebook friends 238 up from 223
Twitter 2964 up from 2719
Tweets 1844 up from 1566
Linking Domains 77 up from 74
YouTube Vidoes 19
YouTube views 1513

My numbers continue to steadily climb. I'm amazed that I now have 4,000 readers a month! Thank you for being one of them! When I first started blogging, I didn't think I'd EVER reach that many readers. Now I know if I continue to work my social media plan, that number will continue to grow. If you're just starting to blog, know that at first you will have few readers, but that it will continually grow.

I've added a couple categories this month; YouTube videos and YouTube views. This year one of my goals is to continue to add to my collection of online videos. I'm finding them a great way to quickly get out a thought about social marketing concepts, or a quick how-to tutorial on key technical aspects of setting up your social marketing machine.

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