Feb 10

Authenticity in Social Media: Be Yourself

My vacation in Las Vegas got me thinking about authenticity.  For some of us, authenticity in business is a new skill that does not come all that naturally.

In the past, we've been taught to separate business from your personal life; don't talk to much about yourself, be professional, stick to business.

But with new media and online marketing, it's becoming easier and easier for customers and clients to learn more about you as they visit with you on Facebook or Twitter.  It's okay to show your personal side. In fact it's good. If you try to separate too much, you will appear to be hiding something, or appear to be fake.

For instance, in this video, I could easily imply that I have a staff with me, a film crew. But the truth is, it was just me holding a Flip camera, talking to you.  I didn't try to make you believe I have a larger operation than I do.  I want you to know it's me, and I was really on vacation. And yes, hard as it might be to believe, it was my first time to walk around Las Vegas.  Those are pieces of the real me.

Practice being your authentic self.  If it seems hard at first, ease into it. Start by talking a little bit about yourself on Facebook. Even small details, such as you train for triathalons or you enjoy cooking, can help clue in your audience as to who you really are.

Join on Facebook and you'll get an idea of what I mean.  "Like" my page at http://facebook.com/tekkbuzz.

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