Feb 28

Should You Have Your Own Domain for Your Blog?

If you're thinking about using a blog to market your business, one of the questions you may have is: Should I set up my blog on a service like Blogger or should I buy my own domain name to put my blog on?

I know it's tempting to go to Blogger or WordPress.com and start a blog right away just by signing up. But there are a few reasons why this is not the best if you are going to use your blog to market your business.

It's your asset. Your blog is going to be an integral part of your marketing strategy. You are going to be putting time into it every week. You will be building a body of work that shows your expertise in your field, something that gives you instant credibility when potential clients and customers discover you online. After several months, you will have built up a huge amount of work that becomes more and more valuable every time you add another blog post.

Now, if you start a blog on Blogger or WordPress.com, your blog is sitting on their website. What happens if suddenly they go out of business? What if they pull the plug and your blog suddenly disappears? These may not sound like risks that are highly likely, but, trust me, that's a risk you don't want to take.

When you buy your own domain, you can install WordPress on it. It sits on your site, not anyone else's. You will have complete control over all of your content. No one can just delete it one day. Your asset will be much safer on your own domain.

It's easier to brand. Years ago I ran a hand-dyed wool business. I wanted to start a blog about the business. Since I didn't know anything about blogs back then, I went to WordPress.com and opened a blog. After several months, and several dozens of blog posts, I realized it was hard to tell people how to get to my blog. I had to tell them to go to RichmondWool.Wordpress.com. Adding that little bit of the address made it harder to tell customers how to reach me online. I knew that, once they got to their computers, they would remember the name of my business, but they would not remember to add the “Wordpress” to the address. And they would never find me.

With your own domain, you make it easier for customers and clients to find you. I can simply say, “Go to Tekkbuzz.com and visit me online. It's easier. It's shorter. It more likely to be remembered.

You can have your own email address. This is a huge advantage. If I had to tell people, email me at drichmond999@yahoo.com, that would be much more difficult for people to remember. They might remember “drichmond”, but forget the 999, or they might forget whether it was yahoo.com or gmail.com. Forget any of these pieces and they will never reach me.

When I give my email address, it makes a lot of sense to people to hear “drichmond@tekkbuzz.com. It's simple. They know my name and they know the name of my business.

It lends credibility. I receive a lot of business cards when I am out networking in my community. If I see a card of a business, but the email address is a yahoo.com or gmail.com or hotmail.com, etc, I know this is a very new business. It's like waving a flag and announcing, “I'm new and may not be a serious business.” Now, while that may not be true, a lot of people will come to this conclusion by looking at your email address.

When I give out my card, people who don't know me feel confident that I am an established business if my email address matches my business name. Drichmond@tekkbuzz.com shows new acquaintances that I'm serious enough about my business to have my own website. This lends instant credibility and trust.

Its' better for SEO. Search engine optimization is important to every business, including yours. You want people to find you online when they are looking. When you have your own domain and start adding blog posts, the fact is that Google is much quicker to send search engine traffic to you when people are looking for you. If your site is a subdomain of Blogger or WordPress.com, Google just doesn't see you there and doesn't send traffic your way nearly as often. It's much better to get your own domain name and start adding blog posts. Google will see you're adding fresh content an will send searchers your way.

While it might be tempting to just get a quick blog that is done for you on a blogging website like Blogger or WordPress.com, it's much more valuable for you and your business to create your blog on your own domain.

If you're unsure how to buy your own domain and install your own blog, you might want to check out My Social Marketing Class. You will learn, not only how to set up your own domain and blog, but also how to use social media to grow your business.

If you have more questions on the subject, you can always ask that and any other social media questions using the contact form on this site.

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