Mar 09

Overcome Your Fear of Facebook

FacebookFacebook is one of the most popular and effective social networking tools available. It is an excellent way to reconnect with old acquaintances, stay in touch with family and friends, and share updates and photos about your life, among other things. While it is undoubtedly a great way to communicate, people unfamiliar with Facebook may be concerned with the idea of putting their information on a public platform. The good news is that Facebook has a whole range of customizable privacy settings which give the user complete control over how much or little information they want to share. By following a few procedures, as a Facebook user you can ensure that your information will stay private and out of the public eye. By recognizing that you arein control of your privacy you will find that there is nothing to fear, and Facebook really can be an enjoyable experience.

Facebook has developed a wide range of privacy settings which put you in control of what information you would like to make public or keep private. There are a variety of functions which allow you to customize who you would like to view your information. You can choose to share your information with everyone, only select family and friends or certain individuals. You can also easily pick and choose who can view things such as your photos, hometown, likes, friends, posts, family, etc. Information such as your profile picture, gender and networks are available for all to see, but you are in control of who sees all the other items you put on your Facebook page. You can also choose whether or not you want your profile to appear when someone searches your name both in Facebook and on Google. This wide range of settings ensures that a user who desires ultimate privacy can easily get it.

Aside from the established privacy settings, there are other measures you can take to guarantee your information is safe online. When setting up your Facebook account, it is important to never put your address or phone number on your page. Many users like to add their birth date for their friends to see, but it is a good idea to only put the month and day, never the year. This helps protect your identity. Be sure to select a unique password when creating your Facebook (or any) account. Finally, once you have established your account, be sure to only accept friend requests from people you know – never strangers. Taking these extra precautions will protect your information and keep you safe online.

When using Facebook, there are many steps a user can take to ensure their online safety. When the proper privacy settings are enabled, Facebook is a wonderful and secure way to stay in touch with many family and friends. By choosing the appropriate privacy settings, one can easily have a safe and enjoyable Facebook experience.

Do you have a fear of Facebook?  What will it take to get you over that fear?

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