Mar 23

Tekkbuzz Podcast 8: 5 Steps to Getting Started on LinkedIn

Feature - 5 Steps to Getting Started on LinkedIn
B2B companies often wonder if social media is for them. They often don't feel sites like Facebook are a fit for their business. But many want to be able to take advantage of the massive power of social media. Our feature, 5 Steps to Getting Started on LinkedIn, will give you all you need to know about LinkedIn to get started.

Strategy Spotliight - Logos Bible Software
This company recently used a very simple strategy using Facebook, Twitter and their own blog that brought them huge profits last Christmas season. Find out the strategy and how you can modify it to fit your business.

If you're looking for help getting started with Linked,  LinkedIn 101 can get you on the right track to bringing in new business with social media.



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  1. Sharry Lachman

    Great detailed, practical tips on how to use Linked-In! Thanks very much, Deborah!

  2. Priscilla Gillespie

    Very good information! Easy and enjoyable to listen to. I am going to update my LinkedIn profile ASAP. Thank you Deborah!

  3. Deborah Richmond

    So glad you’re finding them useful. LinkedIn is such a powerful networking tool that often gets overlooked.

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