Jun 08

If I Write a Blog, Who Will Read It?

You've heard a lot about blogs and are thinking of starting one for your business. But what would you write about? Other people are already writing about your niche, your industry, your topic. Why would readers come to you when they have all those other gurus to go to?

When I suggest to clients that their business should have a blog, many times I receive the question, “Why would anyone listen to me? There are other people who already write about this.”

Don't Worry, People Will Listen To You

I can tell you from my own experience that if you write it, people will read it. Why? Because you have a different way of saying things than anyone else. You resonate more with them. Maybe it's your writing style. Maybe it's the way you present the material. Whatever it is, there are people who will be drawn to you and want you to tell them what it is you know.

The Tekkbuzz Blog was definitely not the first “social media marketing” type of blog. There are lots of people who write about social media. When I first started the blog, I'll admit I wondered who would listen to me, rather than some of the big gurus on the subject.

Write What You Know and Think

But people did start reading and listening. I don't always know exactly why they listen to me, but I assume it's because when I write about social media, I give my take on the subject. I have used everything that I teach. And I have definite opinions on what works, what doesn't, what you should use, and what you shouldn't. My opinions are not the same as everyone else's, and it's because no two experiences are exactly the same. I come from a different background than other blog writers. And my opinions are formed in different ways than others. Some people will like my personality and how I give information, and some won't .

You Only Need a “Few”

The Good News: There are so many people on the internet, you don't need to appeal to everyone. You only need to appeal to a few. Because with millions of people on the internet, a “few” is still quite a lot.

So don't be afraid to write about something that's already been written about. Write what you know, talk about what you think, offer advice and information that you know will be useful. There are people out there waiting for the information you have to offer.

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  1. James Jordan

    Hi These articles are very helpful for when you just can’t think of anything to do. I do not blog every day. Just when something interesting happens in our business. Like, Friday night Matthew Holman did a red carpet style for Shelley Hennig of The Secret Circle. SO, we shouted about it on the blog.
    What is amazing is after 3 years of writing our blog is full of interesting content about how we started our business, what we went through, and all the fun things we are going through now. So, I would say persistence. We all have different varieties, I recommend you just go out and do it.

  2. Deborah Richmond

    And the great thing about all of those blog posts is they are working for you in Google. Google loves the blog posts. If you Google your company name, my bet is that many of the returns are blog posts. Thanks for sharing!

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