Jun 29

Tekkbuzz Podcast 9: Saving Time While Networking on Social Media

Setting social marketing goals to save you time

We talk about ways to set goals with your social media marketing. Setting goals will allow you to spend your time efficiently. You will be able to get on the social media networks, get your marketing tasks done, then move on with running your business.

We'll discuss questions to ask yourself when setting goals.

I also give you some ideas if you're interested in outsourcing some of your social marketing strategies.

Set goals and stay on track with your marketing

Social Marketing Strategies

Restaurants are using social media in some very creative ways. I'll show you some of those ideas and talk about how you can use these ideas and adapt them to your business or organization.

Margarita Moment

Being an entrepreneur can be very rewarding. My philosophy is to celebrate the small wins by treating myself to a margarita.  I'll share one of my recent "wins" that I celebrated recently.

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