Jul 20

Facebook for Business: 6 Ways to Get the Conversation Started

You've gotten some fans on your Facebook fan page. What do you do with them now?

Get the conversation started!

Winning traffic from Social Media websites is definitely not a numbers game as is commonly mistaken. Yes, it is important to build your audience of fans. But what keeps fans around and coming back to your fan page is engagement, conversation.

Here are 7 tips to getting the conversation started.

  1. Encourage fans to comment. Sometimes it's as easy as asking fans make comments. You can leave a simple message saying, “Let's talk”
  2. Encourage Facebook “Likes” off Facebook as well as on Facebook. Look for ways to connect your users and fans with one another. In fact, go on over to http://facebook.com/tekkbuzz and tell me about your business. Include your fan page address so other readers can come like your page.
  3. Provide meaningful content to your fans. The more relevant your status updates are to your fans, the more likely they will be to comment and share your information. For example, on my fan page, I don't talk about dog training, because not many of my fans are interested in dog training. They are interested in social media, so that's what I talk about there.
  4. Ask questions in your status updates. This one is pretty simple and very effective to encourage a conversation.
  5. Showcase fan contributions with a Fan-of-the-Month program. Choose a fan who has contributed the most on your fan page for the month. Announce the winner on your blog and on your Facebook fan page.
  6. Use give-aways. Giveaways have long been and continue to be one of the most effective branding and promotional techniques there is. Ebooks, gift items, and coupons are just some of the Facebook-specific items you can offer to those that are willing to sign up for your Facebook fan page. You can offer regular giveaways to members to ensure that people follow you over time and as an extra incentive for becoming what is essentially a subscribed member of your fan page.

There are lots of ways to encourage activity among your Facebook fans. By getting people talking, you will have a vibrant, active fan page that will keep people coming back to see and join in the conversation.

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Let's share tips.  How are you getting the conversation started on your fan page?



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