Jul 31

Tekkbuzz Podcast 10: Interview with David Spark

Today we have a special interview with David Spark of Spark Media Solutions. David talks to us about content creation, and how to become the voice of your industry, and why it's so important.

He also shares some of his articles with us. These are excellent so do check them out:

How to Become One of the Most Respected Companies in Your Industry

Looking for a social media strategy? Try this one.

In our Strategy Spotlight, we talk about the importance of collecting industry news and including some in your blog. I show you how to easily collect industry news in no time.

And in our Margarita Moment, I show you how my own social media marketing is truly acting as a customer magnet, and how you can do the same thing.

I invite you to go to http://facebook.com/tekkbuzz, write on our wall and tell us what you do, what your business is, and give us a link to your fan page or website.  Let's harness the power of social media together!



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