Nov 10

Tekkbuzz Podcast 12: Podcasting for Business

Interview with Podcast Answer Man Cliff Ravenscraft

In this podcast, we have an interview with Cliff Ravenscraft of http://podcastanswerman.com.  I have been listening to Cliff's podcasts for quite some time.  He has turned his love of podcasting into a full business, and shares lots of great information about podcasting and how to get started.

One of my favorite parts of my business is creating the Tekkbuzz Podcast. If you have ever considered starting a podcast yourself, I highly recommend that you jump in right away.  It's a blast and a great marketing tool.

Strategy Spotlight

In case you're thinking, "I can't start a podcast, someone is already talking about my topic", I've got some thoughts on where podcasting is going and how under-utilized the tool really is.

Margarita Moment

My Facebook fan list is really growing!  I'll share information on how I've been growing my Facebook Fans list and how you can do the same.


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