Nov 26

Social Media for Business: 3 Ways to Combine Email Marketing with your Strategy

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media and how it fits into the broader world of internet marketing.  As I teach social media, what I’m finding is many entrepreneurs are not aware of a few basic strategies that, when combined with social marketing, really work to convert readers to customers.

1. Opt-in List: Make sure you are capturing emails with an opt-in list.  An opt-in list can be managed with online software such as Aweber.  They will even give you code for the form and excellent instructions on how to install the form on your site. This online software is super easy to use to send emails to your community.

2. Email Newsletters:  Once you have built an email list, this is the tool by which you will have continuous contact with your interested audience. I send weekly newsletters letting everyone know about my latest blog post, with a link back to the site so they can read more.

3. Email Promotions:   From time to time, add a message to your newsletters about one of your products or services. Provide a link to your website so people can learn more.

By adding email marketing to your social media strategy, you will be able to continue your conversation with website visitors who have raised their hand, signed up for the opt-in list, and let you know they are interested in your product or service. Don't miss this opportunity!

If you're looking for more help with your social media strategy, you may be interested in "My Social Marketing Club".  We're ready to help!

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  1. SEO Basics

    Right, Email marketing is great way to expanding business over internet as well as SEO is best technique on search engine marketing.

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