Jun 03

5 Ways Your Website Works For You

If you're using social media to market your business, the first thing you need to do is check your website. When you're on social media, you are working to send people to your website. Once they get there, is your website doing a good job for you?

Social media marketing is all about getting more sales. Why else would you spend time every week on Facebook and LinkedIn when you have a business to run? You spend the time because you want to bring in sales.

Your website is your online storefront, your headquarters, the place where you get people to contact you for a sale.

Here are the elements your website needs to have in order to help you make more sales:

 1. Good Design

Your site should look clean and easy to read. If your site is too busy, readers won't be able to tell what they should do while they're on your site. They will be confused and will leave your site.


2. Easy Navigation

Your home page should clearly have a menu that allows readers to find the best information on your site. The home page is for nothing more than showing where all the good information is located. Without good navigation, readers will get lost or will never find the information they came looking for.

 3. Current Contact Information

Be sure to include a contact page on your site. Yes, it can be a form, but I'm a firm believer that you should also include your physical address and phone number. Many people don't want to leave a message. They want to see where you're located, how to call you. If these items are missing, many readers will feel you're hiding behind your website.

 4. Opt-in Form to Collect Email Addresses

This is one of the biggest mistakes businesses make, not including a place to collect emails from interested readers. We've all seen the opt-in forms that we use to sign up for more information or for a monthly newsletter, or free report. You can get these forms through an email manager like AWeber. Collecting emails will allow you to continue to communicate with these interested readers, which will lead to future sales.

5. Clear Message of What You Are Selling

A reader should be able to tell what you are selling as soon as they arrive on your website. If your home page doesn't clearly state what service or product you sell, you are going to lose the interest of many readers who are looking for quick information. Be clear on what you sell so that readers who are skimming the page can easily spot that information.

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