Jun 21

TekkBuzz Podcast 15: Pat Flynn on using Facebook and YouTube for Business

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, shares how he uses social media to market his internet business. If you're not familiar with Pat, you should really go over and check out his site.  He shares real hard numbers on how much money is business takes in each month through internet marketing.  This guy is the real deal and he shows us his numbers to prove it.

I ask Pat about how he uses Facebook.  The first portion of the interview is about Facebook Landing Pages. Unfortunately, now that Facebook is using the Timeline, there is no ability to create landing pages. But keep listening because everything else Pat says about using Facebook is great useful information. Pat talks extensively about how he engages his community on Facebook.

He also shares how he create creative how-to videos on YouTube and how we can do the same to help promote our businesses and add value to our community.

Pat is an inspiration to me. I consciously try to follow his philosophy of being a good resource to your community.  He is a great example of someone who is building community first, being of service first, and allowing the business success to follow.

If you're looking for more information on using social media to market your business, be sure to sign up for the free ebook "Pump Up Your Profits with Social Media.". The sign up is in red to the right on this page.  Don't miss this free resource!

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