Jul 17

4 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business and Get Real Results

Using LinkedIn for business is one of the smartest strategies you can add to your marketing plan. Every year, LinkedIn is getting more powerful as more people begin using it to network. LinkedIn makes sense to business professionals and they are using it to network, acquire customers, get referrals, and more.

Here are a handful of strategies you should incorporate right away into your marketing plan.

1. Acquire new customers through online recommendations. Happy customers are the best way to win new customers. Increase your referrals by asking your satisfied clients to write you a recommendation, which will be published on your LinkedIn profile and will be broadcast to their entire LinkedIn network.

2. Get referrals from other professionals for vendors to outsource services. Think of the number of times you’ve asked your colleagues if they knew of a great web designer or graphic artist. LinkedIn makes it easy for you to find and vet vendors through the network of your peers.

3. Build your network—online and in person. Search LinkedIn’s Groups directory to find industry groups and networks to take part in. For example, if you’re in the event planning or wedding industry, there are hundreds of groups devoted to different aspects of your industry. Join groups and get involved in discussions on a regular basis.

4. Show potential customers your expertise by sharing unique blog content. Small businesses smart enough to create unique content on their expertise with a blog should link to it from their LinkedIn profiles. This drives traffic to your website, which can turn into new sales.

Besides these simple strategies, you might also want to check out a blog post I wrote about another simple LinkedIn strategy that I use to help drive traffic to my website.

If you're looking for help getting started with Linked,  LinkedIn 101 can get you on the right track to bringing in new business with social media.


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