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Web Hosting Review: Hostgator

I have to tell you, I have an issue in my life that I need to work on. It is learning patience. I used to be a hot head, losing my temper easily. Over the years I've tried to learn to wait before I react to something that angers me. But there is one thing that still can make me so angry I feel like my head will explode.

This thing is calling poor technical support. When I call tech support, I'm usually already frustrated over what isn't going right with my computer/software/website ...whatever. So when I get a tech support person who is not listening, and isn't giving me the help I need, I get angry. More than once I've found myself raising my voice demanding that the operator stop talking and let me finish my question first.

Now, I know that's not good adult behavior, and I'm still working on my temper.

But when I find a company that provides good customer service, I want to tell everyone I know. So that's what I'm doing today.

I use Hostgator for my web hosting. If you've ever put up a website, you know that getting set up with hosting has some technical aspects that are not always simple to figure out. When I hit one of these technical snarls, I call Hostgator. Every time I've called, they have listened to what I needed, and helped me get my technical problem straightened out right away. I need to tell you, that if you click on the links in this post, I am an affiliate with Hostgator and do receive a little compensation.  Having said that, I can tell you I never endorse a product that I haven't used. And I use Hostgator for many many many websites. I've been with them for years and they've never failed me.

Bottom line is I want to help you avoid some of the frustrations I've had with other hosting companies. If you're looking for an inexpensive, reliable hosting company, I recommend Hostgator. Every time I've needed them, the tech support team has been available, patient, and able to easily solve my problem. I no longer get all steamed when something goes wrong, because I know I can call and they will fix it for me, whatever it is.

As for having more patience in frustrating situations, I'm still working on it.

Are there aspects of your business that cause you to lose your cool? What are they? Or is it only me and my quick temper?

P.S. The links are affiliate links. If you choose to purchase hosting from Hostgator using these links, I will receive a commission. But trust me when I tell you that before I recommend anything to you, I always make sure that it's the very best.


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  1. Deborah Richmond

    Hi Jennie: First thing to try is to invite all of your friends on your personal profile to come “like” your page. It’s amazing how many people will do so if you just ask.

  2. Angie

    I’m working on my WordPress.org e-commerce website now and hope to have it up and running in a few weeks.

    I know my way around a computer, but there’s a lot about this process that’s beyond me. The first hosting service I went to is one of the larger ones that advertises very cheap rates (not the one you’re using Deb). I called them with a question and they made me feel pretty stupid.

    I’m going with a much smaller company now, Novella Hosting. I get amazing service from them. They answer my questions, are helpful and friendly and are making this process way easier that it would be if I had to do it all myself. They also have a great working relationship with the company that developed the theme I’m using.

    I needed a small hosting company that could give me individualized service, and Novella Hosting has more than met my needs.

  3. Deborah Richmond

    You hit the nail on the head. It’s super important to have a hosting company that you can call and they will help you. If you don’t have that confidence in the hosting company, when you hit a snag you will really be stuck. Great customer support is priceless. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Diane Jarecki

    I’ve had the same problem with other hosting sites, and I have the same pet peeve. I love Go Daddy for my web hosting because they’re very affordable and they have great tech support. Their philosophy is to help their customers succeed with as little expense as possible, and they even give tips that will help you get your site moving for free until you can afford the upgrade to something like SEO or using their shopping cart. All of their tech support is in the USA, too, so not only do they understand you, but you also understand them. Every time I call I am more than satisfied with the help I received.

  5. Deborah Richmond

    That’s really good to hear you’ve had good experiences with GoDaddy. A few years ago there were some customer service issues that they had, but I hadn’t heard anyone’s experience with them for quite some time now. So I’m very pleased to hear that they have apparently straightened out their problem areas. It sounds like you’ve had a great experience with them.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Susannah Brin

    I have my website up and running. I’m blogging on the site and also on an older blog so trying to do two different but in a way related blog areas. I think I have found the key words to use and I try to use them as tags? Is this good as tags? Even though, I read as much as I can and try to do a lot of things to optimize my website, i often feel that I’m not doing it correctly or I need guidance or that I’m just lost as I’ve learned all this on my own. Anyway, I’m going to try doing key words again today like your email suggested. Thanks, Susannah

  7. Deborah Richmond

    Yes, you can use your keywords as tags. And you will want to use your keywords in the title of your blog post if possible and the body of the post. Sounds like you’re on your way!

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