Dec 09

One Thing You Need to Know About Social Media Today

Social media is a powerful tool that can aid your business in reaching your highest goals. it can help with:
• Increased traffic to your page
• Page exposure
• Increasing brand awareness
• Business development

It’s easy to get so excited over the technology sometimes we fail to plan or create the necessary road map for your online business to be successful.

I'm often asked, if there was only one thing you could tell people that will help them move their social media marketing forward, what would it be? And here is my answer.

When you are on social media, your goal is to drive traffic back to your site. That is the fundamental result you should be working toward every time you are on social media. Now, that doesn't mean that Every post should lead back to your website. It means once in a while you offer information from your website with a link. There are steps to drawing new prospects to you in social media, and then bringing them to your website. This can be viewed as a funnel, similar to a sales funnel. These are the steps you want your readers to take.

1. Engage in easy light conversation. You can talk about many things other than your business. It's often those simple posts that get responses and start conversations with new people.

2. Offer tips and information with no strings attached. As you're chatting with people, from time to time you should offer good useful information. Quick tips are an easy way to accomplish this. I may put out one sentence that says
"Placing a photo on your LinkedIn profile greatly increases your chances of engagement with new prospects."
This type of post doesn't need a link. Just the tip itself will show readers you care about giving good information with no strings attached.

3. Offer a link to information on your website. Once you've (1) engaged a new person in conversation (2) offered free information to gain trust, now it's time for the third step. Occasionally post information that leads back to your website. A blog is a great way to continually have good information to post to social media accounts. Readers will read the title, become interested enough to click the link, and they land on your website.

These are the simple easy steps you should be taking to increase engagement on your social media sites, and to drive traffic to your website.

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