Jan 23

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Company Page

In 2011, LinkedIn introduced company pages. There are now literally millions of businesses using them. They use company pages to find new employees, spread company news, form strategic alliances, and brand their businesses. Small businesses can benefit from creating company pages just like large companies.

Why Company Pages Are Important

Your LinkedIn company page lends your business credibility. It allows you to establish an image, brand that image, and effectively manage your online reputation. Like a regular profile, you can get recommendations and new connections.

Company page features let you show off your products or services. They offer a built-in job board that lets you post job opportunities for potential new hires. You also get your own analytics to see who is viewing your page. In addition, company pages appear in search engine results so you get another opportunity for people to find out about you.

What to Put on Your Company Page

Your company overview presents information about your business to other LinkedIn users. It should be written so that it focuses on the benefits you offer and the ways that you serve them. Write your content with the visitor to your page in mind.

You can showcase your products and services, but what's even more important is to give visitors an idea of your company culture. Add some personality to your profile and use it to broadcast your brand message. This is what sets you apart from other similar companies.

LinkedIn allows you to easily embed pictures, videos, links, banners, and other rich media content. This content makes your page more visually appealing to people who visit. It also makes it more interactive. When visitors have something to do on your page, they are more likely to stay there and listen to your message.

 Promoting Your Company Page

 It takes only about thirty minutes to create your company page and it's a free service. Once it's set up, announce on your profile that you've created it. You should also announce it everywhere else that you have a presence online such as your website, blog, and other social media sites. Add a link to your new business page in your email signature to help bring in even more traffic.

Would you like to know more about using LinkedIn to prospect and network to find new business?  Check out LinkedIn 101 for the most up-to-date information.

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