Apr 02

What’s New at TekkBuzz

Things have been busy at the TekkBuzz offices, of which I have two. One office is in downtown Grand Rapids, and one office is in my home. At my home office, I can really get a lot of work done. At my physical office, I can interact with people in the local business community, which keeps me from being to isolated. It's a balance I really enjoy.

I've been thinking a lot about the TekkBuzz brand - how far it has come, where it's at and where I want it to go. This blog and brand wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you, my readers. I appreciate each moment you spend with me, and am excited to pay you back for all of your support you've given me as I build my business.

Because I know you invest a lot of your time with TekkBuzz, like a good company would do with its shareholders, I want to give you some details about where I want to take the brand in the future.

I wouldn’t consider this post and what I’m about to outline below a new direction. It’s not a reaction to anything except the fact that I know I could do even more for you. The words “fine-tuning” might sum it up best, and being more purposeful.

I’d love to hear what you think about where things are headed…

A New Look

As you know, I use Aweber to send these emails to you. And, for the record, Aweber is still my FAVORITE email list manager.

Up until now, my practice has always been to send a very plain-looking email, with no images. The reason I've done this is so that spam filters will allow these emails to be delivered. However, I would like to add a little branding to the page to make it look more professional when you're reading. So I am going to be playing with some very simple graphics in the emails to test how well they are being delivered. If you find these emails are getting caught in your spam filter, do let me know. It will help me evaluate how I'm doing.

Since I know many of you have email lists as well, (You should if you don't already), I will let you know how it goes so you can benefit from the information too.

My Social Marketing Club

Over the last few months, I've been working each month to bring you Social Media 101 courses, and many of you took advantage of these courses. I'm really excited to tell you are now able to access My Social Marketing Club, a website that contains ALL of my online products for one monthly price. this is going to be the most up-to-date information to help you as you build your online marketing machine. It will include tutorials, videos, articles, podcasts, special reports...EVERYTHING I have and at one small price.

Why am I doing this? I work with all sized businesses. Larger companies hire me to set up and run their online marketing for them. It can be very expensive, so I also offer consulting for mid-sized companies, walking them through the setup and strategy for running their online marketing.

It's been apparent to me from the very beginning that small companies, startups and solopreneurs need something that fits into a smaller budget. That's why I am offering all of this information in one place for one price. It allows me to give you all of the information you need to get up and running, at a price you can easily afford.

My mission is to help any and all companies and businesses who are interested in learning and using online marketing to grow. My Social Marketing Club will allow me to help a wider community. This program is a key piece of my own mission to create a purpose-driven business. I love small business and entrepreneurs and I want to help them be successful. I know by sharing my knowledge, I am able to help bring about the change in our financial climate that we are working toward.

Are you looking for help with your social media strategy?  I highly recommend you check out today My Social Marketing Club. You'll be amazed at the detailed training and step-by-step help you'll find:

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