May 13

How to Make a Website with WordPress – Part 2 of 3

This video is the second installment of the series of three videos on how to make your own WordPress website.  If you missed the first video, you can see it here.

In this video you will learn

  • How to choose a WordPress theme
  • Adding widgets to your site
  • Adding a spam filter
  • Installing the All-in-One SEO plugin

At this point there are some things you should be thinking about as you put together your website.  One of them is spam.  Your blog posts will give your audience the ability to comment on your site. This is a good thing and you want to encourage readers to leave comments.  But you will also find a lot of spam comments. These are comments that don't really say anything about your site specifically. They are designed to be generic, and are posted on thousands of sites at a time, from my understanding.  We do not want to have to delete hundreds of spam comments. That's why one of the first things I do is show you how to install a spam filter on your webiste.

The other thing to think about is Search Engine Optimization.  We want to take full advantage of the SEO features that are built into WordPress.  With them, your blog posts will rank quickly for the keywords you use in the blog and page titles.  Without these features, your pages won't be found by anyone.  Do not skip this step of installing the All-in-One SEO plugin.  It's easy to use and worth the few extra minutes it takes to fill out when you are posting a new blog post or page.

The next video is the last in this series. When you are finished with the third video, you will have a fully functioning website and blog of your very own.

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