Jul 18

How to Write a Fast Blog Post

You may not always have a lot of time to write a blog post every week.  If you find yourself in a time crunch, here is one of the ways you can come up with a blog post really fast so you don't have to miss your deadline.

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  1. Thad James

    This is some of the best advice ever! I’ve been using Google Alerts to keep track of my business for years. I get a notice when my company is mentioned anywhere on the Internet. I also get a lot of ideas for my blog posts. This is one of the best ways to generate articles and posts. (Just don’t tell my competition!)

  2. Deborah Richmond

    I’ve found that the longer I write my blog, the easier it gets and the faster I am at composing posts. I was slower in the beginning. Now I see ideas all over and keep a list of ideas so when it’s time to write, I’ve got a list to go to for ideas. Thanks for commenting!

  3. owen chubb

    Hi Debs – great tips as usual on managing or writing a blog. I use a digital Dictaphone when on the move to compose a new blog. Easy, fast and works a treat. Regards OC

  4. Deborah Richmond

    This is a great idea. I often get ideas for posts when I’m driving. I do stop and use my iPhone to record some voice notes about what I want to write. It’s easy to then take those notes and flesh out the full blog post.

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