Jan 30

The Mistake I See Businesses Make Over and Over Again!

frustratedBy Deborah Richmond

When I begin working with a new business, the first thing I do is sit down and take an inventory of the marketing tools they already have. I ask about their websites, their social media accounts, their customer lists, and their email marketing. I find out what is working for them and what they are missing.

MOST businesses I work with are missing a HUGE opportunity with a tool they already have in their hands. If they used this tool correctly, they would increase sales and make real money with the least amount of effort. So what is that golden tool?

Their Email List!!!!

Any business that has been in existence for more than a couple years has a list, or many lists, of past customers, past prospects, referral sources and network contacts. Sometimes the lists are in on a spreadsheet somewhere or written down in different places. Often there are multiple lists that are disorganized. The idea of trying to sort and organize them is often overwhelming.

BUT if you knew how many new sales and new leads can come out of that list you already have, you would be far more likely to start really looking at what you have and collecting everything in one place.

So how does that unorganized mess turn into sales and profit?

It's something you see every day. Email newsletters.

Yes, the emails you get from stores you've bought products from. The emails you receive from your accountant or real estate agent. Now don't yawn and think, "I've already done that, newsletters are old news. They don't work anymore".

NOT TRUE! I use email newsletters for my own business and regularly bring in revenue simply by sending an email. Wouldn't you like that kind of lever you could pull when you wanted more business and more sales?

It's painful for me to see a business that is sitting on this gold mine of an email list and don't even know it! We're going to start looking at the topic of newsletters in real depth and I am going to begin to show you exactly how this mechanism works. For now, I want you to start watching your email with a closer eye. Take a minute and look at what other companies are sending you. You would be surprised to know just how well their emails are working for them!

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