Feb 10

How To Make Real Sales With a Company Newsletter

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By Deborah Richmond


What have you been doing with your email lists?  Have you been collecting addresses but only mailing to them every few months?

While those infrequent emails will help you reach customers occasionally, it is better to work with your lists using a strategy. The fastest way to get more sales from your existing customers is to:

1. Email newsletters with good information to your list regularly
2. Occasionally promote products and services

What we have found with company newsletters is that they become a great place to keep in touch with your prospects and customers. But for newsletters to be effective, they need to contain helpful, useful, valuable information. If they do not, people will stop opening your emails. A list is valuable to you as long as people keep reading your newsletters. If you send only sales messages with each newsletter, your list members will begin deleting your emails before reading them. They will also unsubscribe from your list because there is not enough in it for them.

This is the strategy I  use with many of my clients. I have them send newsletters once or twice a month. Most information on the newsletter will be good helpful tips and short articles that we know readers will find valuable. One small portion will be a promotion for a product, service, sale or coupon.  These types of newsletters often turn into real leads as some readers call or send email questions about the products and services offered.  Now this contact can be followed up just the same as you would with any other lead.

Here's why it works:

When people first come to your website, they are interested in your products and services, but usually are just in research mode. They are thinking of making a purchase, but are only looking at options right now. That is why you rarely sell products to people who have been to your site only once. They are not ready. They need to get to know you first, and see your work so they can evaluate whether they can trust me as an expert in the industry. That is the function of the newsletter. The articles show them  over and over what you are about, what your expertise is, and that they can trust you to continue to provide good information that they find valuable. Once they are ready to buy, they know how to get hold of you because you are still appearing regularly in their email. In fact, your newsletter often acts as a trigger to remind them they are now ready to buy and they will contact you.


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  1. Thad James

    I wish every newsletter producer would read this article! I subscribe to a number of newsletters. Some are from friends wanting an outside set of eyes. But most are of interest to me. I don’t mind an occasional sales pitch. That’s what business is all about. I don’t want a product or service stuffed down my throat. And if I will unsubscribe, so will many others. Thanks for a great post!

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