Apr 18

Are You Making These 5 Social Marketing Mistakes?

stopBy Deborah Richmond

When it comes to marketing strategies to improve business and generate more sales, social media marketing has become one of the best mediums used by many businesses. But for some, having social media accounts does not bring in more sales. How come? If you feel that your business is in a social marketing slump, perhaps you are making some common social media marketing mistakes. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

1. Attempting social media marketing without any goals.
Different types of businesses use social media in different ways depending on their industry. For instance, if your company is all about clothes and is not that big yet, your purpose in engaging in social media marketing is to make your brand known and get more traffic on your site. For bigger companies, their goal might be to connect with clients about services and reaching broader territories for them. Knowing your end goal will allow you to choose strategies that fit and will bring you results. You will also be able to more easily measure whether you are having success if you are very specific about clarifying your goal.

2. Failing to build trust with your audience.
It is important that your audience have trust in you and your business. Social media gives you the opportunity to get to know your prospects and customers by interacting with them. Be sure to engage people who visit your networks. Ask questions. Start conversations. Make your audience or customers feel that they are important to you by participating in social media discussions.

3. Not being consistent in delivering good information.
Posting relevant content is one of the most powerful tools to bring people to your blog or website. People search for information on a lot of platforms. Knowing this, you need to provide relevant posts that are highly informative and up-to-date. Keep looking for ways to provide your followers with informative content and use this strategy to draw more people to your business. Show up on a regular basis.

4. Treating all social media sites the same.
While automation can reduce the amount of time we spend on our marketing, it is not always a good idea to post exactly the same messages on every network. Each social media network has its own culture. For instance, LinkedIn is a place where people speak very specifically about business topics. Facebook is a more casual setting. It would be completely appropriate to share photos of the company picnic on Facebook, but these would feel out of place if posted in LinkedIn and would be ignored. Get a feel for each network's culture and write your updates to match the culture.

5. Using social media only as a megaphone.
Yes, social media is a great place to announce the upcoming sale you are holding. However, if the only types of updates you post are announcements regarding your products or services, people will tune you out and you will lose an opportunity to engage with your audience. Mix your sales messages with other posts that are non-sales related. A good rule of thumb is to post one sales-related update for every 5 non-sales related updates.

The culture and behaviors of social media are not always obvious. The above mistakes are common and many people have made them, including myself. Take a look at your behavior on social media and adjust your strategies if you think you are making any of these mistakes.

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