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5 Tips for Measuring Social Media Success

StatsYou have a website that tells everyone about your company, products and services. You have a blog that is updated from time to time and you spend a lot of time on social media network sites to interact and communicate with people as potential clients for your business. You do these tasks each day and more just to gain that success that other people are talking about. But how do you really know that your efforts online are paying off? Are you really sure it is worth the effort and time?

Here are five tips for measuring your success in social media marketing:

1. Set and define your goals.
Before you can measure success, you need to know what defines your success. This means you need well-defined goals to measure with your online marketing. Are you looking for more sales? More traffic? Better branding? Do you want to increase your reach? Make realistic goals that are clearly measurable.

For instance, you may decide “I want to increase my website traffic by 10% next quarter.” This is a measurable goal. You will be able to tell at the end of the quarter whether you met your goal. Knowing the goal will help you make a list of actions that need to be taken.

2. Use web analytics.
Make use of the web analytics and social media marketing analytic tools. Your website success can be measured using Google Analytics.   You may want tot listen to TekkBuzz Podcast #21 "How Do Your Google Analytics Measure Up". This podcast will walk you through the basics of how to use Google Analytics.

Measurements you will be able to track using Google Analytics:

  • Pages that are visited frequently
  • Number of visits
  • Location where the visitors are from
  • The language they speak
  • How long they viewed your site

Each social media network has its own analytics that will help you easily keep track of these measurements. Some measures to track with social media are:

  • Impressions per post
  • Comments and likes
  • Connections and followers.

3. Make a strategy for measuring social media efforts.
This is how you will know if your plan is working. I like to take measurements once a month, tracking all results on a spreadsheet. During the month, I often look at analytics because I want to see how things are going. But the formal tracking is done at the end of the month on my spreadsheet. These are the numbers I can come back to time and again to review what is happening and whether my efforts are working.

If you would like a copy of the spreadsheet I use, you can purchase it for only $17.  With it you get a full guide 25 page guide and video to get you started on the right track measuring your social marketing efforts.

4. Analyze your metrics.
Once you have several months of analytics on your scorecard, you can then analyze which efforts are working, and which are falling flat. For instance, a recent client of mine found out that her audience simply did not respond to her notices on LinkedIn. Over several months she tried different types of posts to find out what they were interested in. But the statistics showed that none of the efforts worked well. She was able to surmise that her time was better spent on Facebook where she was getting much more engagement from her audience. Don't just track statistics, also analyze them to make decisions about your strategies.

5. Stay a step ahead.
Since social media is continuously advancing, businesses need to keep up and know the tools in creating community of customers and loyal followers. Try new stategies and use your analytics to measure their effectiveness. Keep what works and throw out what isn't working.

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