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Social Media Tool “Social Mention” Review

socialmentionSocialMention.com is an online social media tool that I've heard others talk about. I decided to check it out and see if it had any value for me or my clients. In my business, I do a lot of testing and I try out a lot of strategies and tools I run across. Below you will find out what happened when I used SocialMention.com for my own brand.

What is SocialMention?

SocialMention is an online website tool that describes itself as “a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.

How is it supposed t work?

The idea behind social mention is that you can go to the website, enter your website name, or product name, or your personal name, and find out who has been mentioning it and where. The site also offers an analysis of the data it finds to measure:

Strength: The likelihood your brand is being discussed in social media.

Sentiment: Ratio of mentions that are generally positive compared to those that are generally negative

Passion: The likelihood those mentioning your brand will do so repeatedly.

Reach: Measure of the range of influence

How is it supposed to work?

At its most basic level, SocialMention is intended to be a place to see who is mentioning your brand. The site purports to find the mentions, and list them with a link so you can see them first hand. This would be good for monitoring your brand. It is true that you brand may be talked about in places of which you are not even aware. SocialMention promises to bring those mentions to you to review.

The other big benefit is supposed to be the ability to use their analytics to give you information about your brand's online reputation.

What happened when I tried it?

The first thing I did was go to http://socialmention.com and type in the name of my brand “TekkBuzz”. This search is supposed to turn up places my brand has been mentioned. I searched for “all” to be sure to include any and all mentions that could be found.

Upon putting my brand name in, the search turned up several results. Most were, indeed, related to my brand. The list was a strange hodge podge of mentions, mostly my own, from YouTube. This was not surprising. I mention my website on my YouTube channel, so this is what should show up. I also mention my own website on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, but none of these showed up.  The listings were seemingly random, most from several months ago. I put out fresh content all of the time, yet nothing newer than three months turned up.

There were a couple mentions by other people that I did not know about. So in this instance, the site did work to make me aware of social mentions I was unaware of. However, again these mentions were several months old.

What's good?

Socialmention.com is an interesting tool to use if you're curious if anyone has been talking about your brand. I would use it just for fun.

What's not so good?

In my case, the mentions seem to be limited to YouTube and FriendFeed. I know my brand has been mentioned by others on Twitter and FaceBook and LinkedIn. But none of these mentioned showed up in the list. And none of the mentions were current. All were several months old. This does not give me a complete handle on how my brand is doing.

The measurements hold little value for me. I prefer to work with concrete analytics such as number of unique visitors, number of retweets, etc. These somewhat vague measurements “sentiment' or “passion” might impress a boss who doesn't really understand social media. But they don't give me any of the concrete data I prefer to work with when analyzing how I am doing with my online presence.

My Opinion

While SocialMention.com is a good idea, the tool itself did not deliver to me the results I can really use to measure my online presence. It is interesting, and I may come back to it from time to time to see what it turns up for my brand, but overall this is not a tool I will be adding to my regular anaytics measurements.

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P.S.:  Are you using Social Mention?  Do you find more value than I have?  I'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment below and share your own experiences.

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