Jun 26

Tips for Writing Emails – Answer Readers’ Questions

The Five Types of Blog PostsBy Deborah Richmond

The goal of any email marketing plan is to Get Your Message Straight to Your Prospects Inbox.  You also want to make sure that message is full of good content that will be helpful to your readers.

When you're stumped for email marketing content ideas, a great starting point to use is a reader's question.

The content of your emails should be helpful to your readers, answering their questions and solving their problems. What better way to find questions to answer than to take a real one and answer it for everyone?

If someone has emailed you, contacted you on social media or commented on a blog post with a question, turn that question into an email. You can either write an original article using the question, or address the question directly, saying, 'Blog reader John from Oregon asks…'

There are several advantages to mentioning the reader. One is that other readers see that you're responsive and that you interact directly with your audience. This is great for building a relationship with your readers.

It also adds an element of social proof. If people are commenting or asking questions, this will encourage your other readers to do so too.

And if you have plenty of questions and other interactions, this is even more fodder for excellent email content. You can get the snowball effect going and you'll never run out of ideas!

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