Jul 18

Are You Overwhelmed by Social Media

By Deborah Richmond


I often run into clients who tell me they are completely overwhelmed by social media. They have every intention of working on social media and using it to market their business, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts there's too much to learn, too many sites to try.


You might think because I'm a social media person that I'm going to say you need to be on all of the big social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, or Instagram. But that is not my advice to most people. If you are struggling with learning social media and using it effectively to market your business, my advice would be to cut back on how many sites are using.

Start With One Social Media Network
When working with clients who are showing signs of overwhelm, I sometimes have them start with just one social network, and get really good at it. When you get to the point you feel like you understand this particular site and that you understand how you're using it to drive traffic and to drive sales, then you can add another social media site.

So for instance, someone who has a business that is similar to my quilting website, http://quiltshownews.com, would want to start by using Facebook and getting to know it very well. Once you feel comfortable with Facebook, you know how to connect to people, you know how to engage visitors, you know how to make good contacts and add to your network, once you're able to drive traffic consistently to your website, then you can begin to consider adding a second social media network to your marketing mix.

Start a Second Network When Ready

When considering a second network, look at how much time is it taking you to do to work on the first network, and decide how much time you now have to commit to a second network.

You will  likely feel less overwhelm when starting the second site, because you will have a better idea on where to start with your process. Your experience with working on the first network will make it much easier to get up to speed on the second.  Most of the time overwhelm occurs when you either feel stressed because you don't have enough time, or stressed because you have to much to learn all at once.

Small Steps Forward
This type of step-by-step movement forward is what is necessary if you're feeling overwhelmed. By slowing the process down and starting with one network at a time, you actually can move faster in your process of learning to use social media effectively to market your business.

A full social marketing system is the one that I teach and the one that I use for my own business. But it didn't happen all at once. I learned all of the social media networks and all of the strategies one by one just the same way you are. By working on different network small pieces at a time step-by-step, you will be amazed at how much you will learn and each new thing you add on only adds to your understanding of the full picture. Learning this way is a long-term process but it is one that will build a social marketing machine that will be working for you very smoothly for many years to come.

P.S.:  If you are looking for help with your social marketing strategy, check out My Social Marketing Club, where you will find loads of training videos, articles, podcasts and webinars all about social media strategy and how to set up your own social marketing machine.


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