About Me

"Social media alone, won't get you anywhere.  Social media used  the right way will bring you real leads, and real business."                                                                                                       - Deborah Richmond of TekkBuzz Marketing

Deborah Richmond is one of the most in-demand online marketers in West Michigan due to one simple truth, she delivers real value. Deborah provides strategic advice and hands-on training to companies looking to enter the new marketing world.

At Tekkbuzz, she manages a team of top-notch young people who know social media and online tools, and know how to harness this power to generate leads for clients.

 Deborah says:

It's been years since the day I sat across the table from my boss and he told me I was fired.  In those brief moments, I lost my entire household income.  It was that moment I decided that would never happen again.  TekkBuzz Marketing was born.

In the beginnning, I knew traditional marketing, but social media was just catching on. I saw how social media was allowing businesses to communicate directly to those most interested in their services or products, and as a result, pump up their profits. I knew I wanted to help entrepreneurs who were struggling with this new way of marketing.

My mission is to always keep on top of the latest trends in online marketing  and lead generation so I can bring them to you. This field changes quickly. That’s one of the reasons I love it.  I enjoy watching, reading, and learning how to best move your business forward.

I insist on one rule. I test every method and technique before I begin using it with clients.  I know what works and what doesn't work because I've used these tools myself and only keep the ones that really produce results.

I work with companies of all sizes to increase lead generation through the internet.  Some need a strategy, some need coaching, some need training and training materials for their employees.  Through TekkBuzz, I can provide all of that knowledge and training. I love that moment when they get it, that social media can be used in the right way to bring them the results they've come to me for.

I can show you how to get online and pump up your profits!

If you have questions about how to get started, you can go to http://mysocialmarketingclub.com and become a club member.   Also feel free to email me at drichmond@hilgerhammond.com.


"I just met with Deborah from Tekkbuzz and I am learning so much about the social networking. She is very helpful and inspiring." - Roberta Lathrop of Designs by Roberta