Jul 18

Are You Overwhelmed by Social Media

By Deborah Richmond


I often run into clients who tell me they are completely overwhelmed by social media. They have every intention of working on social media and using it to market their business, but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts there's too much to learn, too many sites to try.


You might think because I'm a social media person that I'm going to say you need to be on all of the big social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, or Instagram. But that is not my advice to most people. If you are struggling with learning social media and using it effectively to market your business, my advice would be to cut back on how many sites are using.

Start With One Social Media Network
When working with clients who are showing signs of overwhelm, I sometimes have them start with just one social network, and get really good at it. When you get to the point you feel like you understand this particular site and that you understand how you're using it to drive traffic and to drive sales, then you can add another social media site.

So for instance, someone who has a business that is similar to my quilting website, http://quiltshownews.com, would want to start by using Facebook and getting to know it very well. Once you feel comfortable with Facebook, you know how to connect to people, you know how to engage visitors, you know how to make good contacts and add to your network, once you're able to drive traffic consistently to your website, then you can begin to consider adding a second social media network to your marketing mix.

Start a Second Network When Ready

When considering a second network, look at how much time is it taking you to do to work on the first network, and decide how much time you now have to commit to a second network.

You will  likely feel less overwhelm when starting the second site, because you will have a better idea on where to start with your process. Your experience with working on the first network will make it much easier to get up to speed on the second.  Most of the time overwhelm occurs when you either feel stressed because you don't have enough time, or stressed because you have to much to learn all at once.

Small Steps Forward
This type of step-by-step movement forward is what is necessary if you're feeling overwhelmed. By slowing the process down and starting with one network at a time, you actually can move faster in your process of learning to use social media effectively to market your business.

A full social marketing system is the one that I teach and the one that I use for my own business. But it didn't happen all at once. I learned all of the social media networks and all of the strategies one by one just the same way you are. By working on different network small pieces at a time step-by-step, you will be amazed at how much you will learn and each new thing you add on only adds to your understanding of the full picture. Learning this way is a long-term process but it is one that will build a social marketing machine that will be working for you very smoothly for many years to come.

P.S.:  If you are looking for help with your social marketing strategy, check out My Social Marketing Club, where you will find loads of training videos, articles, podcasts and webinars all about social media strategy and how to set up your own social marketing machine.


Jul 15

Is Pinterest Right For Your Social Media Marketing Plan?

Pinterest is becoming very popular for certain types of activities. But is it right to marketing your business?

Some users collect photos of things they would like to buy or do. Others use it as a place to gather ideas.  With so many social media networks available, it makes it difficult to figure out which ones your business should be using for marketing.

I discovered this great little flow chart from Intuit that will help you decide if your business should be on Pinterest.

Should Your Business Be on Pinterest? Find Out [INFOGRAPHIC]
via: Should Your Business Be on Pinterest? Find Out [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jul 09

Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing in 23 Days

I hope you're having a good summer, like I am! I've been spending a lot of time on the boat, but wanted to make sure you heard about this!

Are you looking for the newest tips and tactics for growing your business with social media?

My friends over at Social Media Examiner have just announcedSocial Media Success Summit 2014—their “online” mega conference that has attracted thousands of marketers in the past!

This year is their 6th annual conference and it’s their biggest ever.

They’ve recruited the top social media experts for this special event–just for marketers and business owners.

They’ll share exactly what works so you can immediately implement new social media tactics and strategies to grow your business.   There’s no travel because it’s all online.

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Forty-five of the world’s leading social media pros will be summit instructors.

Here’s a small sample of who’s presenting:

Jay Baer (author, Youtility),
Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing),
Mark Schaefer (author, Social Media Explained), ,
Michael Stelzner (author, Launch),
Neal Schaffer (author, Maximize Your Social),
Amy Porterfield (co-author, Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies),
Bryan Kramer(author, Human to Human),
Nichole Kelly (author, How to Measure Social Media),
Viveka von Rosen (author, LinkedIn Marketing),
Joe Pulizzi (author, Epic Content Marketing),
Lee Odden (author, Optimize),
Pat Flynn,
Martin Shervington
Kim Garst
Cliff Ravenscraft
John Lee Dumas
Gideon Shalwick 
and experts from Whole Foods MarketHumanaDunkin’ Donuts and Tyson Foods–just to mention a few!

This summit will empower you to gain more exposure, increase traffic, cultivate loyal fans and grow your business.

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To Your Success:


P.S. If you’ve not experienced these summits, they’re super rich with content, just like everything over at Social Media Examiner. Also, remember this is an online summit, so there’s no travel requirement.

Jul 04

How to Write Emails that Engage

http://www.legendswebdesign.comBy Deborah Richmond

You always hear marketers saying that the best email newsletter content is content that engages the audience. What exactly does this term 'engage' mean?

It essentially means that your readers do more than simply read your content. When content engages, it gets the reader involved and urges them to take some kind of action. That's what you want your list of subscribers to do – take action.

So, how do you create content that engages? You do this by creating content that your audience can be a part of. Your content asks questions, encourages the reader to try something new, starts a discussion or seeks feedback.

How to Create Engaging Content

For example, if you own a cleaning service,  in your email newsletter, you may share a few all-natural house cleaning tips. You encourage your readers to try the tips on their own and report on the results. Tell them to contact you on social media or through your blog to tell you how it went.

You might share two opposing viewpoints and ask your subscribers to share their opinion. Your email might discuss the pros and cons of Facebook and Twitter for marketing, and then ask your readers which they use and why.

Engaging content turns your email newsletter into a kind of two-way communication, and that's exactly what you want. When readers are engaged and feel a part of your newsletter, they'll stay tuned.

By the way, this definition includes any type of content and not just email newsletter content. You should try to engage your readers on your website, your blog, your syndicated articles and social media profiles as much as possible.

To Your Success,


P.S.  For more information on the subject of writing emails, check out this guest post from Joel Mark Witt: "How to Write and Email that Gets Responses."


Jul 03

Why It’s a Good Thing When People Unsubscribe From Your Email List

3d postman with envelope and bagBy Deborah Richmond

Every email you send your list should have an unsubscribe link. When a subscriber clicks this link, they're removed from your list. An email manager like Aweber allows you to easily include an “unsubscribe” button to your readers. Many marketers feel that even one unsubscribe is a catastrophe and do all they can to save subscribers. But actually, the unsubscribe link is a good feature that helps you make your email list better. It sounds weird but let me explain.

Marketers always talk about the number of subscribers in their list as if bigger is always better. But it's not how many subscribers you have, but how engaged they are that is important. If you have a list of thousands who never buy anything from you, you have nothing. A million subscribers who immediately chuck your messages into their spam folders are just as valuable as zero.

It's better to have a small list of engaged, qualified buyers who read your email messages from top to bottom, share with friends, comment, contact you and take you up on your offers. This is the kind of list you want.

When someone unsubscribes, it means your message isn't getting through to them. Maybe your products or services aren't suited to them. Whatever the case, the unsubscriber is not a good prospect for you. Losing this person from your email list is a good thing because it allows your list to stay fresh. You can rest assured that the people who are still on your list are still interested in your products and services.

Email marketing is what we call a sales funnel. It's wide at the mouth and then it narrows. In narrowing, it weeds out the list and keeps only the qualified buyers. When people unsubscribe, they're opting out and you're really not losing anything by it.

So don't be afraid to include an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your messages to your email list. It's good for them and good for you!

To Your Success,



P.S. If you would like to learn more about how to use an email manager, such as Aweber, check out this article: "Getting Your Message to Prospects with Email Marketing".

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