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May 02

5 Tips for Measuring Social Media Success

You have a website that tells everyone about your company, products and services. You have a blog that is updated from time to time and you spend a lot of time on social media network sites to interact and communicate with people as potential clients for your business. You do these tasks each day and …

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Jan 13

6 Ways to Get People to Share Your Website on Social Media

The days of websites standing alone on their own merits are gone. Nowadays it’s all about who shares your URL and drives visitors to your site. And that means mastering and nurturing social networks. For two years, Google’s mission has been eliminating falsely-inflated spam sites and blogs that drove people to social media for information …

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Jan 07

Top 10 Reasons Social Media is Important for Search Engine and Website Traffic

Search engine optimization and ways of driving website traffic have changed dramatically over the last few years. It used to be all about the algorithms. Then Google’s all-powerful algorithms were over-ridden by the phenomenon of social search as social media developed, grew and exploded into the collective consciousness. Google fought back, creating, scrapping, re-creating and …

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Apr 14

TekkBuzz Podcast #21: How Do Your Google Analytics Measure Up? Play in new window | DownloadGoogle Analytics:  Do you have any idea how many people visit your website in one day, or one week, or one year perhaps? If you don’t, it’s time to start using Google Analytics.  Find out what I measure and often.  Learn how I use those numbers to assess my …

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May 06

Social Media for SEO

I’ve had a few questions lately about whether my company provides Search Engine Optimization. My answer is yes, and it’s done through social media. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about how search engines find your site and show it in search results for people who are looking for what you offer. If your SEO is …

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