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Jun 15

Social Media Tool “Social Mention” Review is an online social media tool that I’ve heard others talk about. I decided to check it out and see if it had any value for me or my clients. In my business, I do a lot of testing and I try out a lot of strategies and tools I run across. Below you …

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Jun 05

Social Media Marketing Won’t Work, Unless…

Before you spend time working on your marketing strategy, you need to take time to answer the question: Who are your buyers? You want to define who your buyers are so you can focus on finding the right people for your community. You will be actively seeking new members to join your networks. When deciding …

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Jun 01

How to Boost Your Website Traffic by 41 Percent!

In the last couple months, I have been working growing my website traffic. In analyzing my traffic over the last 48 months, I have seen a decline in traffic to my website. I have know it’s been a trend, and finally it was time to do something about it. It was finally time to look …

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May 13

Optimize Your Pinterest Business Profile in 5 Easy Steps

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile Your profile on Pinterest should be unique and interesting. It’s what is going to attract people to your boards and to the content you have to offer. Your profile is also going to attract the search engines, so it needs to be optimized as thoroughly as possible for web searches. Keyword …

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Apr 25

What You Don’t Know About LinkedIn Groups Could Hurt You

I’ve been using LinkedIn for years and have been continually amazed at how well it works to bring traffic to my website and market my business. This same power that I have found can be harnessed by most businesses B2B businesses, companies that sell products and services to other businesses. If I had never tried …

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