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Thank you for your investment in this system. I hope it provides great value and helps to increase the success of your social media marketing.

This product contains the following:

You should start with the Ebook or Audio. These contain exactly the same content, only one is in written form and one is in audio form that you can put on your ipod and take with you.

The spreadsheet gives you a worksheet that you will use every month to track your progress. This spreadsheet is referred to in the Video, Audio and Ebook. This spreadsheet can be used exactly as is, or you may add to it if you find different measurements you would like to keep. The spreadsheet is in Microsoft Excel format. If you use OpenOffice, it should easily convert to and ODS format.

If you have not used spreadsheets before and do not have a spreadsheet reading program you want to use the OpenOffice ODF format. The program to read those spreadhseets can be downloaded for free from the Internet at:


This system is for personal use only.

You may, however, share it with people who work directly in your business if they help you keep track of such things as are included in this system.


If you have any issues with anything in this product and require support, I may be reached at or by telephone at (616) 498-0289.

Thanks again,
Deborah Richmond

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