Outsourced Social Media Management

You know it's time to start marketing your business with social media, but you don't know where to begin and don't have the time. I've got a solution for you!

Outsourced Marketing Department

Why Social Media?

  • Get more leads and customers for your business
  • Faster and cheaper than almost any other advertising method you currently use.
  • Help you stand apart from your competitors
  • Build valuable relationships with customers in tough economic times
  • Engage and connect with a loyal fan base
  • Create fans who are ready and waiting to rave about your products and services

Are You On Linked, Facebook and Twitter?

Social Media has revolutionized the marketplace. If you’re not connecting with your followers, you’re not converting them into sales. Conversations happen spontaneously across the social media spectrum, often in 140 characters or less. Lasting connections are built over engaging and interactive updates. Tribes of raving fans gather to support their favorite brands, business or services. Yup, everyone’s talking about it. Are they talking about you?

The Outsourced Marketing Department is for:
  1. A total newbie to social media who hasn’t even been to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
  2. An experienced user of social media looking for new ways to grow your business.

Or anywhere in between!


People all over the world are spending big money right now using these strategies!

Here's What You Get:
Your own Marketing Machine!!!

  • Our technical team will provide full setup of everything your marketing machine needs to run smoothly and produce results:
  • WordPress Blog
  • Customized Facebook Fan Page
  • Optimized LinkedIn Profile
  • Twitter Account
  • Email List with incentive report created for you
  • Once setup is complete, your Social Media Manager will run the entire operation for you!
    • Daily updates on all social networks
    • Weekly blog posts written for you
    • Ongoing maintenance of all accounts including accepting friend invitations, building followers, fans and connections, publishing fresh content
    • Monthly progress reports emailed right to you

Let Me Be Crystal Clear About This Offer!

We know how to get results with social media marketing. We treat your business as our own, using the best strategies to drive massive traffic to your website and building customer relationships so you can pump up your profits!

Sit back and let us handle everything for you!

When it comes to individual coaching in social media, you can't ask for anyone better than Deborah Richmond. She listens, she is responsive, she takes the time you need, and, boy, does she know her stuff. And those instructional videos of hers lay out exactly how to get you from A to Z.

-Steve Calabrese, from Pat's Nantucket Real Estate

Deborah is a key reason that my business is growing in 2012. When I engaged with Deborah, she both coached me onwhat to do and taught me how to do it. She does an excellent job of communicating our priorities and tracking our results.

I would strongly recommend that you consider working with Deborah. It will make a difference in your business immediately

- Doug Baarman, Conference Direct


If you decide it’s not your cup of tea, you can discontinue services at any time.
No problem, no hassles, no worries.
That’s how we take care of our customers.

Obviously, this low rate of $597 per month won’t be available forever, so buy now!

Order now, then wait for my team to contact you. We will set up a telephone conference to discuss your business and how the Outsourced Marketing Department will work for you!

Buy Now Orange


P.S. One of my favorite authors is Robert Kiyosaki. He’s a world class speaker and author who coaches people in the art and science of becoming insanely rich. And one of the key points he brings up time and time again in all his works is this sad truth:


Most people are either too lazy, too scared, or too insecure to grab hold of the great opportunities that are right there in front of them every day. And that is exactly why most people fail in business and in the creation of personal wealth.

Please don’t miss out on this great chance to have your own top-notch social marketing machine for any of the above reasons.