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Website Design

Step 1:  We start our process by gathering information about your business and goals, so that we can have an understanding of what you want out of your site. We will also discuss your target audience, your competitors and your design preferences. Based on your criteria, we will recommend some dynamic templates or start working on a custom draft.


Step 2: With the information we gathered, our web design expert will create the first draft of the pages for your new website. Once these images are prepared, using our collaboration tools, our website designer will show you the layout. Should you have any recommendations or changes, we'll make the changes on the spot.


Step 3: Sit back and relax, because your project is in good hands. With your design drafts in hand, our team of developers will build and breathe life into your new site.


Our web designer will receive your finished website from our development team and inspect for accuracy and perfection - we like to think of this stage as quality control. After thorough inspection, the website will be submitted for your review. Once we get the green light, we will upload your website to the live internet. It really is that simple, no kidding! There's no mystery, suspense, hocus pocus and magic. Let's get started!

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