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Need Help With Your Website?

I provide clients with the most up-to-date website design services.

In today’s fast paced internet world it’s tough knowing how to make your website sell.  I’m here to offer you help and services to help you make sense of doing business on the internet.

With our Tekkbuz services, you’ll end up with a website that:

  • Speaks directly to your market.
  • Sells your products or services.
  • Builds your brand.
  • Builds key relationships with your market.
  • Copywriting & Search Engine Optimization
    We’re not just design company. I understand what it takes to write copy that sells, get found in the search engines and to create a user-friendly website. You get all these benefits when you hire my blog and website design services.

    How WordPress Web Design Works:

    1. We’ll discuss your needs and figure out how to create a website or blog you love.

    2. We work together to design your website. You will fill out a questionnaire. Then we will begin working on creating the site you desire.

    My office is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I work with clients both locally and internationally. Whether you are in United States or Australia, it makes no difference. I’ve successfully worked with clients from all over. All you’ll need is a phone and an internet connection.

    For a consultation, contact me.  drichmond@tekkbuzz.com

    Benefits of having me design your website:

    18 Reasons to Hire Tekkbuzz to Design Your Website:

    1. WordPress design software used.
    2. Edit your website yourself!
    3. Email services available.
    4. We’ll get you in the search engines.
    5. Save time learning it yourself.
    6. Save time doing it yourself.
    7. Professional copywriting skills (words that sell).
    8. Get a blog.
    9. We make sure you understand what’s happening.
    10. Free plugin installation.
    11. We get to know YOUR market.
    12. We understand ’social media’ and how to use it right.
    13. Experience with home business owners.
    14. Offer free training on how to use your website.
    15. Website software is the best in the industry.
    16. Editable website means you keep control.
    17. All passwords and information available to you at anytime.
    18. Easily change website look with themes.

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